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Which order to learn math topics in?

Hi there,

I've been teaching myself mathematics from textbooks and webpages for a while. I have never had formal math education, though, so I am unfamiliar with how this is usually done.

An example: I was reading a graph theory textbook when, about a tenth of the way in, the author assumes knowledge of linear algebra for the rest of the book. This annoys me because I'd prefer not to stop-and-start textbooks.

So, in what order are you supposed to learn things? I'm looking for a sort of 'technology tree' of math; what are each subfield's dependencies? What should I know before getting a textbook about abstract algebra or topology?

I am currently pretty much up to speed with high-school math; I am more-or-less familiar with calculus, I know (extremely) basic number theory, but beyond that I know nothing. I am interested in basically all math, maybe slightly biased to the discrete side. I'm learning this for fun.

Thanks for any help

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#2 15-11-2017 20:48:33

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Re : Which order to learn math topics in?

Hi RyanCaleb,
May be you can follow the Bourbaki road : they tried to rewrite a great deal of math from the ground up.
I guess the published books follow a logical order :
Livre I :      Set theory
Livre II :     Algabra
Livre III :    General Topology
Livre IV :    Single variable functions
Livre V :     Topological vectorial spaces
Livre VI :    Integration
Livre VII :   Commutative algebra
Livre VIII :  differential  and analytical manifolds
Livre IX :    Groups and Lie algebras
Livre X :     Spectral theory

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